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This is the photograph that the assistants returned to the Salvatierra lodge before they were abandoned

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Youngsters who learned at one time lodge en Salvatierra they were witnesses of a brutal attack wardrobe against an apparent furniture. A group of armed hitmen provoked her dead de 12 peopleand asked another question more, to further understand the area without leaving a window.

Those who were taken care of there former Hacienda San José del Carmen which is located approximately 8 kilometers from the municipal cabecera, which is Salvatierra. Supuestly they will celebrate one Christmas partybecause of the fact that they appeared with elegant clothing in the last photograph that they went back to life.

Credits: Facebook/El Candidato MX.

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12 deaths and 11 deaths in a lodge in the Exhacienda of San José Del Carmen, Guanajuato

Who were the young men who lost their lives in the massacre of Salvatierra, Guanajuato?

The last photo of all the guests invited to the lodge with life in mind is the return to the reds

Through the social circles he began to circulate the image from which all assistants can see it. Youngsters who learned to watch have a good time. You can see them with good clothes, shiny buttons, and most of all with a sweetheart. The mayor is well abrigado, pues el frío does not forgive in any entity.

Beyond them, you can also turn to it colonial construction whence they decided to spend the holiday, an innumerable historical case in which these types of events would unfold, but without violent contrasts such as those which occurred on Sunday 17 December 2023.

These were the young people who looked after them at the lodge. Credits: Facebook/Jessica Ortega

This was the response of the municipal government of Salvatierra

Through the social circles of the local government, the authorities of Salvatierra informed that concerns about what happened in the community of San José del CarmenHowever, the Public Security Directorate has been coordinating the distinct levels of government to clarify the success as soon as possible.

Lamentably they announced a total de 11 people que they lost their life, while the other 12 were injured. Later the number of people who died in the area became apparent, fueron 12. They will receive the necessary supplies and will travel to the hospitals they are looking for.

“The Municipal Government, vigorously condemns this attack and will continue to bring relevant data with the General Tax of Justice of the State for the detention of those responsible”, they wrote in a press release.

This was the response of the government of the state

Through its social reds, Diego Sinhuegovernor of the state, informed that instructions were given to the security forces of the state, including the policy y la Taxinvestigate as soon as possible with the guardian of the people responsible for the things in the lodge.

“Salvatierra is not alone. In these moments the Secretary Jesús Oviedo is in permanent communication with the municipal authorities, we will support the families of the victims”, he wrote in a short communication for the social networks.

The governor responded in his social circles. Credits: Facebook/Diego Sinhue.

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Jesus Oviedoel secretary of Government of the State of GuanajuatoI say above all that “we lament and strongly condemn the things that happened in Salvatierra“. It is also ensured that one can contact the authorities of the municipality to coordinate operations with the distinct government levels. The main objective is deal with those responsible.

“In both cases, specialized multidisciplinary work cells have been assigned to homicides, those who will work immediately and permanently until the disclosure and detention of those responsible is over”, added the Fiscal Agency in its social spheres.

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