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This is the electoral scenario that will have adult mayors receiving 18 million pesos between winter and February

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There Pensión Bienestar 2024 will begin to be distributed during these first black days corresponding to the first I pay bimonthly of the year from which it will rise to the top presidential election what happens to the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorfor this reason it will start see electoral which will affect the social program interface.

With the 2024 bill, the pension payment for senior adults increased by 25 percent to the same amount as the pension bill. 6 million pesos bimonthly. But before the next presidential election, the adult mayors will receive between winter and February 18 million pesos before the adelanto de los pagos.

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These are prohibited activities during the electoral cycle

The Bienestar Pension payment is moving forward for the 2024 electoral elections. Photo: Archive

What is the electoral view and why do they pay the Bienestar Pension?

The first 6 million pesos will be included within this miracle 3 of black until the 26th, so that later the Secretariat of Bienestar Deposit the next two payments immediately which correspond to the two-month periods of March-April and May-June, which payment will rise to the top by the month of February, which together will amount to 18 million pesos.

The beginning of the campaigns for the presidency of Mexico will begin on March 1st and end on May 29th of the current year, before and through the calendar of the National Electoral Institute (INE), which suspend social programs.

What is the electoral view? It is a combination of measures that have the objective of generating conditions for citizens to reflect on the sentiment of their vote in freedom, which begins three days before the electoral day and culminates with the closing of the boxes.

Los cargoes to elect in the elections 2024. Photo: INE

During this time it is prohibited to carry out campaign actions and electoral proselytism as well as electoral propaganda, in addition to any gubernamental propaganda except the campaign for educational services, health or civil protection, according to the stipulations of the INE. For the 2024 election, the following will be elected:

  • President of the Mexican Republic.
  • 128 cargoes between senators and senators.
  • 500 cargoes from deputies of the Baja Chamber.
  • Jefe de Government of the CDMX and municipal presidencies.

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