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This is the church where Pope Francisco wanted to be buried

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El Pope Francisco It is clear why the rest of the mortals disappear, when the moment comes and, contrary to the tradition that says that the highest leaders of the Catholic Church are buried in the Basilica of San PedroIt is in the Vaticanchosen another site.

In an interview granted to reporter Valentina Alazraki, Francisco signaled that he wanted to be entered into the Basílica de Santa María la Mayorlocated in the media of Rome and where other Popes have been buried.

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With 86 years of age and a more precarious health, he obispo of Rome You feel an important quest with the temple, one of the four major basilicas with those who also call you Eternal Citywhich is where it usually comes from before taking up the papacy.

Pope Francisco will be 87 years old on December 17th. Photo: AFP

During the same conversation, he indicated that he had simplified them Papal funerary ritesthose who have been kept intact since the last century, with the aim of succeeding him on the throne of San Pedro you can take care of the cargo with greater ease.

Santa María la Mayor: a joya mundial

Built on the top of the Mount Esquiline following the specific instructions Virgen Mariathe Basilica de Santa Maria la Mayor It’s a joy in many ways, which goes from the spiritual to the artistic.

The central nave of the Basílica de Santa María la Mayor is considered an architectural joy. Photo: Ba. Santa Maria Maggiore

Built in the 5th century, it was the first basilica dedicated to it Virgen Maria, and it is the only one of the four with which Rome preserves its original plan, prior to the desarral of Catholicism. Likewise, it was the first church there San Ignacio de Loyola officiated a mass.

It contains numerous treasures, but one of the most important is the relic of the Santa Cunaa part of the fish in which Jesus rested, which is located in an altar made with 33 different types of marble.

The relic of the Holy Cuna is one of the greatest treasures of the Basilica. Photo: Ba. Santa Maria Maggiore

There Capilla Sixtinaordered by el Pope Sixtus In the 16th century, it is one of the five with which the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor is located. If it is one of the most sumptuous, it has unique paintings and architectural details.

Además del propio Pope Sixtusother obispos of Rome scan in the basilica: San Jerónimoentrusted with the translation of the Bible, Pius Vimpetus of the vital Council of Trent, Pablo Vin which the papacy was concluded the basilica of San Pedro, y Clement VIIIwho was reconciled to the Jesuits and the Dominicans.

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