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this is how the Merapi volcanic eruption lived after the 22nd death of mountaineers in Indonesia

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At least 22 climbers they died due to the eruption of the volcán Merapi, in Indonesia, after the rescue teams have recovered their bodies from the lives of other new failures, following the latest balance announced on Tuesday by the country’s authorities.

The spokesperson of the Hunting and Rescuing Agency, Abdul Malik, He indicated that the rest of the new ones from the last few days had been found, so the bodies were being moved.

The 9 hallowed bodies are suman to the once failed mountaineers on Mondays in Western Sumatra. PHOTO: AFP

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These deaths have been claimed by the once fallen mountaineers on Mondays in Western Sumatra, where one finds out who is considered as Indonesia’s most active volcano, according to information from the diary ‘The Straits Times’.

From when Mount Merapi entered the eruption

Mount Merapi It entered the eruption of the Domingo, when it expelled a column of fire of three kilometers above the sea level. Indeed, about 75 people met hiking in the area.

The work of the rescue teams has been hindered during the days due to bad weather conditions. PHOTO: AFP

The situation has complicated the work of the rescue teams, who have been obstructed during the days due to the illnesses meteorological conditions and volcanic activity.

There are 3 animals located in the Los Andes mountain range

The bodies of three Argentine mountaineers who have been killed by disappeared in the Marmolejo mountain, a volcano located in the Andes mountain range, where they were located by the rescue services of Chile, which confirmed the beginning of the tareas for the evacuation of the corpses.

The National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (Senapred) indicated in a message on its content on the red social network Special Police Operations Group (GOPE) Chile’s Carabineros encountered the bodies of the three missing Argentine Anders in Cerro Marmolejo”.

On the other hand, Chile’s Carabineros indicated that the bodies of the disappeared were hunted by a “multidisciplinary team in the high mountains”. “At the moment we are doing all the work for the removal of our hearts,” he said.

The Argentine mountaineers were killed by disappeared on December 2nd in the Marmolejo mountain, located in the municipality of San José de Maipo. The Chilean authorities sent a helicopter to the area to try to locate them, while the personnel of the Cuerpo de Socorro Andino entered the camp at the camp of these people, without being able to take them with their parader.

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