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This is “El CR”, the plaza jefe of the CJNG, whose arrest led to a series of drug abusers in Jalisco

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Enrique Alfaro, governor of the state of Jaliscoinformed about an operative in Tapalpa, where my members were armored forces They acted against the organized crime, where they ended the detention of Juan Carlos “N”, or “El CR”, as they were claimed within the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Subsequently, the groups began with evasive actions as three traffic blockades in Ciudad Guzmán, the Zacoalco de Torres and in Atemajac de Brizuela, de Zapotlán el Grande in Guadalajara. Until now, no major damage to the roads is reported.

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VIDEOS: Capture of the “CR” reporting blockages and traffic jams on Jalisco roads

VIDEOS: Cae el “CR”, jefe de plaza del CJNG vinculado con desaparición del coronel Grimaldo Muñoz

Enrique Alfaro, governor of the state of Jalisco, informed an operative in Tapalpa. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Checked with the National Detention Registry, the chief arrived at 8:30 am, and was immediately taken to Mexico City by air. He will be in the capital where he meets the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR). They participated in the arrest of the National Guard elements.

Here is the CR, cabecilla of the DJNG?

Juan Carlos “N”, best known in the criminal world as “El CR”, is a member of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), where he is desempeña as the regional jefe of Tapalpa, San Gabriel and Zapotitlán, where he originates. He is below the direct orders of Juan Carlos Valencia González “El 03”.

Miembros del CJNG cayeron en el fuego cruzado y atraparon al “CR”. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Although they sought him out for a series of crimes linked to organized crime, they were linked in recent years to the disappearance of Coroner José Isidro Grimaldo. Investigations indicate that the servant intended to return to his job in New Laredo, but when his vacation in Tapalpa ended, he was kidnapped.

The coronel has disappeared since Saturday 10 December 2022, although the authorities have revealed that there are greater possibilities of being assinated in the transfer. Only the car was hauled in which he was moving, a white Mini Cooper.

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