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This implies that the EU Congress formalizes the political judiciary investigation against Joe Biden

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The Chamber of Representatives of United States formalized this miracle to the initiative of the republican mayor the investigation of political juicio (“impeachment”) against the president, Joe Bidenfor alleged influence traffic.

Republicans never shy away from their intention to take action Biden to a political juicio Once again they will be in control of it Chamber of Representativessomething that passed in the past, after her victory in the mid-term elections of November 2022.

The investigations against Biden They struggled a little later, but the fallacy of impactful hallmarks and certain scepticism of their more moderate congressmen meant that the Republican leader moved with caution when it came time to make decisions.

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What are the cargoes that Republicans blame on Joe Biden?

Republicans accuse Biden of influence trafficking. PHOTO: Special

Last September, the president of the company became president Camera Baja State, Kevin McCarthy, ordered in unilateral form three legislative committees, also controlled by the Republicans, who could take charge of the questions.

The republicans accuse a Biden traffic influences to have intervened, above all, in favor of his Hunter, as well as other family members and associates seeking, in negotiations abroad by promoting his political connections.

Indeed, it was Donald Trump who I can ask Hunter Biden at the point of view when it became clear in 2019 to the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, that he investigated her in exchange for receiving financial aid from the United States. This was once the origin of a political juicio against Trump.

The committee concluded that the Biden family received more than 15 million dollars

Follow the now president of the Chamber of RepresentativesMike Johnson, in these two months of investigation the committees have concluded that the family Biden They received more than 15 million dollars from companies and foreign governments from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and China between 2014 and 2019. Their members received more than 9 million.

They also make sure that Biden he has been reunited on at least 22 occasions with his foreign partners.

What does formalizing the investigation mean?

The republicans aspire for the vote of this most legitimate gift to their investigationgiven that now we hold the fortress of the Chamber of Representativesa step that should facilitate your access to information, documents and testimonies.

Also to strengthen one’s position before possible disputes before Justice, such as which could lead to Hunter Biden being prosecuted for desac Congress.

El hijo de Biden He was called to declare this miracle in front of one of the committees at the door, but he eclipsed the quote by alleging that he wanted his testimony to be public.

Why do you decide on political justice against Joe Biden now?

The republicans have avoided until the moment someter the political juicio a vote of the plenary of the Chamber of Representatives You who with your weak mayor (221-213) need to support him in all cases.

The committees ensure that Biden has reunited on at least 22 occasions with his foreign associates. PHOTO: Special

Various conservative congressmen have a moderate profile and have been elected in districts in which Biden ganó las elections presidential elections, so they might prefer not to have to assume this decision regarding these expensive votes and the question.

But the reason why the republican leader felt comfortable talking about the “impeachment“One vote meant that the conservative bank was united in its intent to raise awareness Biden to a political juicio.

What future holds the “impeachment”?

The investigation will take place in the next few months political juicio that the Republicans need to formalize some fruit, the committees will have to draw up an accusation, which is known as “articles of impeachment“, which will tend to be some more in the vote Camera Baja. In the event that these articles are approved only with a simple mayor, the Senate – where the democrats hold a mayor – will have to carry out a political juicio against the president.

The conservative bank is united in its intent to bring Biden to a political juicio. PHOTO: Special

Biden Only it would be removed from its cargo if two thirds of that chamber vote in this sense, a panorama impossible to imagine in the current political context. What you don’t doubt is that less than a year after the presidential comics of 2024, an investigation of “impeachment” contra Biden It will serve as a media electoral weapon for Republicans.

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