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This day will last 25 hours and represents I’m going to Earth

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German scientists have revealed a historical discovery that has caused shock among the international community. And it is that, following the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the duration of a day en la Tierra you could extend it 25 hours in a future. This hallazgo has surprised thousands of people, since days on the planet last 24 hours and one hour more could have severe consequences for astronomy and meteorological phenomena.

According to the investigators, the days in the Earth have not always been as they are currently known; A thousand years ago, a day on the planet lasted 18 hours and 41 minutes. Subsequently, in the era of the dinosaurs, the days extended for five hours more and lasted 23 hours. These fluctuations were caused by the rotation of the Earth, which is why the days currently last 24 hours.

Days on the planet have not always lasted 24 hours. Photo: special.

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How long will the days last 25 hours?

Now, the scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) made a strong prediction, following their studies within 200 million years day on the planet it will last a long time 25 hours. To realize this prediction, the specialists used an advanced laser from the Wettzell Geodesic Observatory, with which they could estimate the rotation of the planet and predict how it would change in the future.

In this regard, the leader of this investigation, Ulrich Schreiber, commented – before the communication medium – that it is of great importance to have this type of medicine for astronomy, and that a slight change over the duration of the days could bring about successes for the phenomena meteorological. Therefore, doing this precision helps prevent climate patterns.

The change of one hour could unravel serious dangers across the Earth. Photo: special.

What consequences will follow the Earth?

According to the participants of the investigation, we will know precisely how the rotation of the Tierra It will help prevent possible consequences in the climate and meteorological conditions. One of the main changes involved in the rotation of the planet is called the “Coriolis effect”, which – based on the words of specialists – makes the air and water turn upside down and stop in the right direction. the northern and southern hemispheres.

This light movement would play an important role in the configuration of climate systems and oceans, as it could unravel intense natural phenomena.

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