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This company made investors rich, ₹1 lakh became ₹2.8 crore, know the name of the share

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There are some shares in the Indian stock market which have made their investors rich. But it is very difficult to find such shares and it also has to be hinged. Investing for a long time proves to be very important and successful for you, because in a long time companies are able to give good returns. Today we are going to tell you about a company that has made its investors a millionaire.

If an investor had invested in this company 23 years ago today, he would have become a millionaire today. We are going to talk about BPCL exactly India Petroleum Corporation Limited, tell me the IPO of this company came in the year 2000 when its share price was around ₹ 13 and the stock has reached around ₹ 300 as well as at the moment. This company has also given bonus shares to its investors so far.

This company first gave a bonus to its investors at 1: 1 in December 2000, which made the investor shares double, after this the company again shared bonus to its investors again in 2016 and after that in 2012 and then in 2017 also in 2016. Gave and in the year 2017, he has given a bonus shares of 1: 2 to his investors.

Let us tell you that the market cap of this company is ₹ 68,884.62 CR and it also provides a dividend of 5.04 % to its investors. Tell me that the holding of the promoter is more than 52 percent and the DII also has more than 22 % and FII has a stake of more than 12 %. Talking about their sales growth, they are 55.78% and their ROCE is also 17.72%.

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