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This child’s robe in the hands of a duende acaba in the history of infidelity and death

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Mauricio Tahua is a investigator Mexican, originally from Chiapas, who dedicates himself to the specialized services as a criminalist; Off his road there are many witnesses casos that you saw desenlaces little hoped for, and who thanks to the arduous investigations of the experts have arrived justice.

One of the stories that can be found in a chapter of NCSI, happened in Chiapaswhere a lady contacted the authorities directly to inform them that their condition was extraido of his hogar, but above all he was seized by one duendesmythological and fantastic evenings of such a small size.

Lady blamed a duende of the kidnapping of her child. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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Inside the stories that are told about these little evenings, it highlights who are the keepers of the forest, or of the mountains, or of any place where there is an area of ​​these characteristics. Also, they are usually identified with bad attitudes, so that they hide things or know what people are part of their games, but steal from someone else, they could break this line.

The lady insisted with el secuestro of the minor in the cerro, so that the authorities accompanied the lady to the upper area where the loss occurred. The brigade of busqueda I’m directed by the lady’s cuñado, your son niñowho has seen where the aforementioned duende with the menor escaped.

The authors met the child in life. Credit: YouTube / pepe&chema

In just a few minutes he was signed menor thanks to the cuñado guide. The best was brought without life before the Forensic Medical Service and told them that the minor had a coup en la cabezathe same thing that had caused it dead. When it came time to question the lady, they noticed a lot historias that no one knows.

This is where the local authorities come in, they ask for the corresponding interrogation. The lady seemed worried that they would uncover her, or that they would take a look at her and she would notice what was happening, so that at the end she ended by saying everything that had happened during the night and the drug.

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The little boy died due to an accident when he hit his head. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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The result of the investigations reflected that señora had one adventure with el hermano from above exposed; and while they are still together, the child is cayoself pego en la cabeza y regrettable I lost my life. The plan was that his cuñado would lift his body to abandon him in the mountainous area, where they blamed an alleged duende.

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