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They will prosecute a person who attempted to sexually abuse a workmate

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In sharing some alcoholic drinks, a man attempted to test the marriage of a workmate to deal with sexually abusing him, and informed the General Tax of the State of Jalisco.

According to the investigations carried out by the authority, those who took place last November 26th in a domicile located in the La Primavera colony, in the jalisciense municipality of Ahualulco de Mercado.

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“Se desparte que José Luis ‘R’ apparently I was making comments about my victim, about what she liked about her physical appearance, among others related to keep intimidated. However, the offender desestimó los señalamientos until after the night, the accused allegedly intended to violate it by force, intending to cause injuries”, informed the Fiscalía.

Dictan a José Luis “R” preventive prisión

Having been captured in the municipality of Ahualulco de Mercado, José Luis “R” was presented before the Ministerio Públicowho follows the investigations to determine probable participation in the crime.

“The agent of the Ministerio Público obtained the preliminary data that credited the probable responsibility of José Luis ‘R’ in the commission of the crime of attempted violation, for which he solicited a order of apprehension that the police investigators of District

I owe it to the naturalness of crimen If investigated, the control panel determined that the alleged perpetrator would have to spend six months in preventive prison until the investigations culminate.

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