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They went up to pay a ticket and they flew, who are the 5 missing people in Veracruz?

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Five people in the state of Veracruz have been reported as missing after they allegedly attended the factory Municipal Transit of Ciudad Mendoza. I’m with the goal of paying for one fine who have held hours before by part of the staff.

And this past day was December 8th personas they were held by agents of Transit in the municipality of Dressing room Z. Mendoza. Subsequently, it is assumed that they were transferred to the offices of the annexe, but until then it is unknown about paraderoreason why Comisión Estatal de Búsqueda I sent you the corresponding files.

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Who are the missing people in Veracruz?

Acquired with the information shared through the information sheets Veracruz State Commission, the five people who will still attend disappeared I am a woman and four men. Everyone between 27 and 40 years of age. Here we share more information that can help you get on with your rider.

  • Víctor Manuel Adell Sánchez: man of 35 years of age. He is 1.83 meters tall and has a dark brown hair and short, curly hair. As a matter of fact, he has a moon in his back.
Víctor Manuel is 35 years old. Credit: Facebook/Issis Maar Adell.
  • Honorio López Espidio: man of 35 years of age. He is 1.70 meters tall and is a dark brunette, dark hair like black hair, short and frizzy. As a matter of fact, he has a scar on his face.
  • Antonio Sánchez López: man of 40 years of education. He is 1.65 meters tall and has a dark brunette, his dark hair is as dark as black hair, short and frizzy. As a matter of fact, he has a scar on his lower lip.
Antonio is a 40 year old man. Credit: Commission
de Búsqueda de Veracruz.
  • Ileana Ivet López Espidio: 27 year old woman. She is 1.65 meters tall and has white hair, dark brown eyes, short hair, and red hair. As a special sign, she has a tattoo on her back hand.
  • Leonardo Ortigoza García: man of 40 years of age. He is 1.60 meters tall, has a short dark hair, dark hair, short hair and short hair.

Family members of missing people in Veracruz can help you

Family members and loved ones showed up to expect to be happy with life. Credits: Facebook/Information Criterion.

After the disappearance of the five people, late on Saturday 9th December, their relatives and queried evenings showed up on Avenida Juárez de Nogales with the aim of reaching out to the corresponding authorities on their return to life. Please mention that they also blocked traffic in Orizaba and the city of Mendoza.

One aspect that stands out is that after the disappearance of this group of people, a sales agent was asesinado the same night. I read with the local diary The Diary of Orizaba, the cases could be kept in touch within one another, because the authorities have secured the center of the region.

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