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They trained Ovidio Guzmán, confronted “El Nini” and could join the Sinaloa cartel

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With the capture of Nestor Isidro No identified in the drug trade as “El Nini”, the armed arm arose again below the orders of IsmaelEl MayoZambada who seeks to parry the siege of the hijos of Joaquín Guzmán Loera try to regain absolute control of the Sinaloa cartel founded by “El Chapo“now convicted and imprisoned in maximum security prison ADX Florence located in Florida, United States.

Los Rusos“It is the group of hitmen under the command of Ismael Zambada who is God facultad to”El Ruso“Jesús Alexander Sánchez Félix also knew me as Miguel Ángel Gaxiola, so that he was heard and was in front of the armed arm of “Los Chapitos” who encouraged his safety chief Néstor Isidro to create a special group of sicarios who would be known as “Los Ninis”.

“El Nini” was captured on November 22nd. Photo: Archive

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On the inside and on the floor: so they cling to “El Nini”, security guard of “Los Chapitos”

They dedicated more than 60 tumbados to “El Nini”, what is the reason?

When did the war break out between “Los Ninis” and “Los Rusos”?

The internal war experienced by the Sinaloa cartel began in 2019 when Joaquín Guzmán Loera received the sentence of perpetual death in the United States, so that his children claimed to be the heirs that his father founded, but they forgot that “El Mayo”, another of the iniciadores of the cartel lives alive and in freedom and claims to be the main head in the chain of mandos.

The first shock among the criminal gangs took place exactly four years ago, when on 25 November 2019 the “Mayo” men struck with tabs on policies that supposedly protected “Los Chapitos”, based on information filtered through the group Guacamaya who hacked information at the Seat.

“El Nini” as the jefe of “Los Ninis” met “Los Rusos” led by Miguel Ángel Gaxiola Quintero, alias “El Ruso”. Following the hacked document he quoted: “Departing from the beginning, both groups dispute the control of the production and sale of synthetic drugs in Culiacán.”

“Los Chapitos” pelean contra “El Mayo” Zambada. Photo: Homeland Security Investigations

What was the tradition of Ovidio Guzmán?

The story that “Los Chapitos” began to suspect as part of “El Ruso” happened with the first intent to arrest Hacia Ovidio Guzmán. “El Raton” he was arrested by the federal forces, but “El Nini” ordered a violent movement in Culiacán to counter the effects of the Sedena and prevent them from being raised by the hijo of the “Chapo”.

The event known as the “Culiacanazo” took place in 2019, and during the day, “El Ruso” and his group did not participate to avoid that “El Ratón” was caught. During the second Culiacanazo, “El Mayo” again ordered “Los Rusos” not to help Ovidio Guzmán and that was the time he was imprisoned.

Indeed, “Los Ninis” and “Los Rusos” depend on the control of the North of Sonora and the limits of Baja California to achieve control of the plaza, while with the caída of “El Nini”, it seems that the Zambada García’s cell, could fight and fragment the Sinaloa cartel.


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