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They met in life with a famous Olympic athlete

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Benjamin Kiplagat, a recognized Olympic athlete of Ugandan origin, was met in life with medicine this Sunday 31st December. The first reports given to know by Kenyan police they realized that the deporter who for decades represented his country was allegedly pinned.

In front of local communication mediums, Stephen Okalcommander of the Moiben Sub-County Police, explained that at the moment, the authorities are carrying out the necessary investigations with the aim of determining what happened to the athlete of international character.

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Who knows about the living experience of Olympic athlete Benjamin Kiplagat?

Benjamin Kiplagat was found inside a supposedly damaged car. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Now, the reports given to know by the authorities and the local communication media have revealed that the drug of this Sunday, the body of the athlete Benjamin Kiplagat he was encountered inside a car allegedly pinned on his chest and with a bow on his back.

Please mention that the car is there deportist He had been walking until he met the road that connected the city Kimunu (where he lived) and the de Eldoret. This last place is famous due to the fact that various deportees go on to train with great recognition.

Who is Benjamin Kiplagat, an active athlete since December 31st?

The deportista was 34 years old. Credits: Wikipedia.

Benjamin Kiplagat He was born on March 4, 1989, so that until the day of his death he was 34 years old. Of Ugandan origin, he was recognized internationally due to his history as a companion. Indeed, he specializes in the category of 3 million meters with obstacles.

A point to highlight Kiplagat It is what he represented to his countries during the last three years Olympic Games. However, I achieved great triumphs such as winning a silver medal in the XII World Junior Athletics Championships in 2008 and a bronze medal in the XVIII African Athletics Championships in 2012.

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