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They meet three people and a cat that lives for 7 days in a department of Azcapotzalco

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Authorities of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) of the City of Mexico were presented in a department in Azcapotzalco among the reports of the vecinosand in the area they encountered one it comes out brutalpues tres personas y su mascot murieron during the madrugada.

From the center of the premises, three adult men and a quiene cat were walled inside a department on the first floor of building 23 in the Habitacional Unit Cuitláhuac. The first reports from the authorities indicate that it may be a gas leak which has not occurred.

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In the area there is also the Body of the Bomberos of the Mexican capital, people use special tools to access the department and control the gas leak; experts from there also presented themselves Tax General of Justice of the City of Mexico to carry out the first investigations and raise the hearts.

The preventive policies were called at the door, but they did not answer and proceeded to enter through the windows. Two of the horses were in one of the rooms, the other was pulled in the middle of the yard. His years passed between 45 and 55 years. The Tax Office signaled that at least they should continue 7 days without life.

The accident happened during the summer drug season domingo November 26, 2023; on the street there were different people, those who reported to the authorities a olor very strong and unbearablejust as you enter, they are there tres masculine. Ambulances moved the bodies to carry out the corresponding tests.

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The reports indicate that death may be due to intoxication, but as of yet, the authorities have not discarded any line of investigation. On Facebook pages of old people from the unit, they can reach out to family members of people who have died in the department, and record the importance of having contact numbers of people looking for in case of emergencies, or at least sharing them with other old people.

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