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They meet the person who walks the streets of the Tlatelolco metro

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Moments of anguish can be experienced inside the stadium Tlatelolco of Line 3 of the Collective Transport System, where a man travels from where he goes to the streets where the train travels.

According to eyewitness reports, the accident occurred where the man crossed the yellow line of safety and lost his balance, rushing down the road from where he passed. Meter.

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The rapid action of the agents of the Banking and Industrial Policy and the elements of Industrial security of the Collective Transport System, those who pidieron the suspension of energy on the site, prevented a misfortune.

Derived from this situation, circulation in the Metro Line 3 It was suspended for several minutes at 7pm, which caused annoyance among users of this transport route.

Pide Metro respect safety precautions

After completing the search for the item that came along the way, the circulation of the trains returned to Line 3, which one of the terminals University And Green Indians. However, the Capital City Department has issued a message in its official account of X to advise its users of precautions.

“If you restart the circulation of the trains on Line 3, after making an energy short and withdrawing a person from the streets, the march continues. Respect the yellow safety line and for no reason go down the road,” he signaled.

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