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They join the military, take up their belongings in a peaceful manner and brutally attack them before the attack

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A soldier was brutally assaulted in the next few minutes in a convenient location in Brazil, the crude images that were recorded there video cameras of the establishment and how it was hoped provoked indignation in social circles.

In the video you can see how the employee is standing behind the box waiting for him clientesto a lady in a white sweater when she brings another man of advanced age, the white one, takes a gorra, black player and blue mezclilla trousers, while hoping to be waited for one of the criminals appears in the room until the bottom.

The man went in to buy something at a shop Photo: X Crónica Policial

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They attacked the man and encouraged him to discover that he was ex-military

Then you can see it like this retired soldier he goes to the dealer and goes to buy money from his card when one of them criminals who uses mezclilla trousers and a white sweatshirt with blue bag, a pistol underneath his clothes, detonates it and is happy while the other suit is tied on the other side to the man and he leaves the chain he carries in his chest while he goes to the worker to possibly ask her for the cash.

At all times the attacked man keeps calm and gives him the money from his card and is kept moving while they attack him and hasta put his hand on the signal that they are calm, all this happens while one of them delincuentes aim the firearm against the head of the injured person, they are withdrawn slowly and just before they disappear from the image of the camera they detonate the weapon and the man falls to the ground instantly, while they decide to return to the card.

The man was killed at the last moment Photo: X Crónica Policial

Asesinan brutally exmilitar en robo a tienda de conveniencia en Brasil

Although the recording lasts about a minute, the terrible things that happened were recorded in 30 seconds. The victim was identified as the retired deputy Paulo Eduardo Ramalho, aged 57, while the attackers were detained, including Cauan Santos Silva, aged 19, João Vitor Cabelo Conrado, aged 24, and a third known as “Cabeleira”. who carried a gorra naranja.

From digital media focus Current Viralthey led him to discover that he was an ex-military, the recording was shared by the account of X of Crónica Policial.

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