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They investigate the death of a teenager in a military school

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Zamir “N”a teenager of only 16 years of age, was reported as having fallen foul during the night of Tuesday to his family members by representatives of the militarized school Aztlánlocated in the streets of the center of Tultitlán.

The circumstances of his death, without embargo, are being investigated by the authorities of the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican Statedue to the fact that I could possibly have died by being shot inside the educational institution.

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According to the first reports, the teenager died at a considerable height. Even with messages sent by the school authorities at the age of 10, he immediately called 911, fallicio lamentably.

However, images shared by journalist Carlos Jiménez show Zamir’s body with some injuries, which may be caused by a epileptic attack or due to coups, why the Mexican authorities began an investigation.

Acusan al colegio de mistreto a sus alumnos

La version de los encargados del colego señala que las lesions found in Zamir’s body were self-inflicted and that his death was owed precisely to a blunt coup.

However, users in social networks reported that the educational institute It is known for the aggressiveness with which it is treated to its students, who often suffer mistreatment from teachers and coaches.

Until now, the official causes of Zamir’s death have not been clarified, so appraisers Reports to the General Fiscalía de Justice of the Mexican State continue to carry out their investigations.

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