Home International They identify the sixth victim of the asesinatos in Celaya, he was a student of the Instituto Vicente Guerrero

They identify the sixth victim of the asesinatos in Celaya, he was a student of the Instituto Vicente Guerrero

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The sixth victim of Celaya’s multi-homicide, in the past Sunday, was identified. In the media of communication, the news was confirmed by elements of the General Taxation of the State; At the same time, the Instituto Vicente Guerrero (INSVIG) learned that he was Luis Giovanni “N”, 18 years old, who was apparently a friend of two of the five Asian students of the Universidad Latina de México (ULM) .

The body of the sixth victim was encountered last morning, Monday 4 December, hours after the bodies of five ULM alumni in the University of Guanajuato were encountered. It should be mentioned that the corpse of Luis Giovanni “N” was found on a terrace fireplace that led to a spa.

The information was confirmed by the school. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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Now, if you know that the body of Luis Giovanni died from receiving different impacts caused by a fire weapon and his body had visible traces of violence. The student’s death was confirmed in the social circles of the Universidad Latina de México (ULM), where the institution published a statement lamenting the death of the student and expressed its condolences to the affected family members and friends.

“We are united by the profound pain that embarrasses the Juárez Figueroa family. Insvig express your most sincere condolences for the sensible failure of Giovanni Juárez Figueroa”, wrote the school in a social press release.

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