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They identify the migrant who fell in front of his family: he was called Carlos, he was 32 years old and headed to Utah

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He was identified as Carlos Luis Leon At 32 years old, one of the migrants who failed to attempt to cross the Río Bravo, on his death was witnessed by his two younger children and his wife, also the tragedy that was recorded on video by one of those present.

The case caused great commotion among them cybernautsnow you know that Carlos was originally from the city Barquisimeto en Venezuela and who dreamed with getting to the state of Utah in United States in the company of their family to win the call “American sue“y have a better future.

Carlos Luis León tenía 32 años Photo: X utahzolanos

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Carlos Luis León dreamed of conquering the American dream, failed in the Rio Bravo

The account of Instagram utahzolanos logró platicar with his sobrino Daniel SoteranoHe said that as he hoped, “the news has devastated our family,” he added that he headed to Utah with his wife and his two 10- and 14-year-olds who were traumatized by the terrible things they were.

“He was going to die trapped in the mud next to another Haitian emigrant. It went very quickly. I can’t do anything,” lamented Carlos’ sobrino.

He explains that his family is staying in a shelter in Brownsville, Texas and they are hoping to recover Carlos’ body so they can honor him.

His children aged 14 and 10 years were present at his death Photo: Instagram utahzolanos

Everything happened in andthe Rio Bravo the past plays at the height of Matamoros, Tamaulipas to head to Brownsville, Texas en United States when the evil occurred I found it difficult on the spot but what caused the tragedy was that one of the migrants who met on the original side of Haiti he lost control and started to join his other companions, one of them is Carlos and the other doesn’t know his identity.

In the fatal images you see like Carlos including the cry that he takes but the man doesn’t understand and merges with Carlos and the other migrant between the little boys of the Venezuelan They look at the whole scene and shout “daddy, daddy” while the wife also shouts from a distance.

The family was dejected by the tragedy Photo: X @W1420

After several seconds in which men try to climb to the surface, in the end it is not appreciated that nadie climbs to the surface and in other grabaciones it is observed as only one logró climbs with life. From a different perspective, the body of the migrant of Haitian origin has not yet been claimed by any family member.

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