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They hold the man who came to his wife to his four children in Navidad

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A 33-year-old man was detained when he was the principal suspect of asesinar his wife and four children in Paris, France, apparently father psychiatric disordersthe brutal multihomicide it happened in Navidad and it was opened a day later.

The arrest occurred on the night of Monday when the police arrived at the family’s home, the authorities were alerted by the families of the victims, relating to the tax of the city of MeauxJean Baptiste Bladier, where the escalofriantes hechos happened.

Family members at the home of the victims to return home Photo: AFP

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Open to the man who joined four members of his family in Navidad

S local authorities they reported that inside the domicile they met five corpses: the mother of 35 years and the four small children, a girl of 10 years, another of 7 years, a boy of 4 years and a baby of 9 months.

“The mother and the children were victims of a large number of puñaladas” impossible to count, stated the fiscal, detailing that no visible wounds were encountered in the children, so that the assumption of asphyxiation or hospitalization was foreseen. The autopsies will be carried out on the miracles Paris. Following a political source, confirmed by the tax authorities, an important work of analysis of video surveillance images allowed the suspect to be tracked down.

The pair was 14 years old Photo: AFP

El presumed homicidal He was detained in his father’s house in the Parisian suburb of Sevran, the accused, of French nationality, said “he knew why he was detained” and signaled that he was sorry for “his personal evil and his depression”. They also reported that the suspect is being followed by depressive and psychotic disorders from now on 2017. At his home they found soothing recipes.

The investigation reports revealed evidence of previous violence in this team formed 14 years ago and in its home October de 2023, the mother was the sustento of the family. The man, without embargo, does not hold “criminal antecedents“, removed the tax.

With information from AFP

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