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They hold a substance that lasted 18 kilos in unhealthy conditions

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A sujeto which he kept in a preponderance of his property at 18 lomites in deplorable conditions, was captured by elements of the General Tax of the State of Jaliscoreported the dependency in a press release.

Thank you for a complaint, elements of the Unidad de Protección Animal y del Instituto Jalisciense de Ciencias Forenses (IJCF) carried out investigations in a site located in the San Carlos colony, where they met the dogs.

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“This investigation is based on the complaint made by the Animal Protection Unit of the municipality of Guadalajara, which on August 4, 2021, was reported to a home located on Calle Río Nilo in the colony San Carlos, to verify citizen reports on the sentiment of which various pears were grappling; In this form it was possible to locate 18 dogs of different breeds, breeds and sizes, which at a simple glance showed malnutrition among other things.

“With the support of the expert dictamen carried out by the zootechnist veterinary doctor of the IJCF, it was concluded that the majority of canines present a familial degree, lesions caused by both animals prior to abandonment and poor hygiene, therefore they were the object of ill-treated animals”, he removed the annexe.

Dueño refused to feed the perritos

According to the investigations carried out by the capital authorities, John “C”allegedly responsible for the crime of animal abuse, was denied the provision of food and medical service to his pets, who were permanently confined to his home.

“The agent of Ministerio Público I duly integrated the investigation process and obtained a judicial warrant against the said suit for the possible commission of the crime of cruelty against animals, for the reason that he was captured by the Investigation Police and brought to the Metropolitan prison”, añadió la Fiscalía.

John “C” fights charges against a mistreated animal, so that it can receive a prison sentence and a large fine, which is usually referred to the Animal Protection Unit to help improve the quality of life of the animals in its concern.

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