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They hold a police implicated in the kidnapping of the former mayor of Toluca

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One of the policies that supposedly by orders of the mayor of Toluca, Raymundo “N”following the exsuegro of the building, was captured by elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana.

Acquired with a press release sent to you General Tax of Justice of the Mexican StateSaúl “N” participated in the operation from which he was credited to Óscar Rodríguez, former construction manager.

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They arrest a collaborator of Raymundo “N”, former municipal president of Toluca

Raymundo “N”, mayor of Toluca, is investigated for the kidnapping of his ex-suegro: Fiscalía del Edomex

They bind the process to the private secretary of the exalcalde of Toluca

“The current prisoner was dismissed at the time of his arrest by the municipal police of the Ayuntamiento de Toluca during the administration of Raymundo ‘N’with whom you know you communicate in the moments before and after to your inspiration with the reason of the fulfillment of the order of apprehension turned to your partner.

“Be sure to wake up after the 12th of April, Saul ‘N’ and other municipal policies of the Ayuntamiento de Tolucaby the instructions of Raymundo ‘N’, they have entered without any judicial mandate or justifiable cause, to the particular offices of OERC and have deprived him of his freedom”, detailed the corporation.

Continue the detentions around Raymundo “N”

The detention of Saúl “N” It is the third that takes place in relation to the detailed investigations against the former municipality of Toluca, to the person accused of family violence y express secuestro.

“This detention will be carried out on 19 December 2023, when this Tax, with the support of the Secretary of National Defense and collaboration of the General Fiscalía de Justice de New León captured a Andrés ‘N’who became the coordinator of advisors during the same period of municipal administration.

Three former officials have been captured in this judicial process. Photo: FGJEM

“Además, se investigate la posible intervención de Aldo Federico ‘N’to the one who fulfilled the order of aprehension and was accused of the crime of extortion, he was finally dismissed as the private secretary of the Assistance Coordinator del entonces municipal president”, detailed.

De acuerdo con la Taxat least 11 categories have been created in the domiciles of Toluca y Metepecas well as other investigations, to determine the responsibility of Raymundo “N” and his ring, they are looking for the crimes they are accused of.

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