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They held Isidro and Dalia, who lived for a couple and their two children for 80 million pesos

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The General Fiscalía del Estado de Puebla (FGE) must know what Isidro and Dalia they were arrested, presented before the authorities and bound to trial by them homicide which has made all the neighbors of the locality happy Tepexilotlain the municipality of Zoquitlan.

They happened the day 6 October of 2023, when the authorities were linked to a fire firemeeting among the cenizas a Uriel “N” y su esposa Angelica “N”, upon his children of six and new years, Abad Uriel And Ikerquienes fueron asesinados y calcinados.

The General Fiscalía of the State of Puebla (FGE) knows that Isidro and Dalia were arrested. Credit: Fiscalía Puebla

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Authorities informed them about their initial investigations vecinos the people fired multiple shots of firearms in the living room, and immediately called to the authorities to come, but the house started to incendiarte and ready to be consumed completely.

Uriel and Angelica They had a yard of rubbish in the locality, and their frequent customers were the victims. De acuerdo con las investigations, los etuvieron keeping watch, at the time they attempted to gain their trust. One day, they revealed that they were looking for a little money to buy one truck.

Buscaban 80 million pesos. Credit: Fiscalía Puebla

Es decir, the reason for the crime was quite clear 80 million pesos. For that reason, around 9.30 pm on the 6th of October, Isidro and Dalia entered the house of the victims, golpearon brutally to Angelicathey shot them up exposed in front of her and one of the boys, somewhere else matarlos to all.

The responsible people are responsible for other crimes. They were assured a month later crimen por delitos against health, and in prison they were formally accused by the Tax Court. Currently están bound to process and hold preventive prison during the next three months as the season ends complementary investigation. There will be no opportunity to go to prison.

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