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They enter in life and with torture marks at the desaparecido municipal police of Veracruz

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David Corona Aleluyaa municipal police force Ixtaczoquitlán in the state of VeracruzHe was found alive and with torture marks on the morning of Saturday 25 November. On his body he met in search of the deportation camp there Colony Centre of the municipality in which there was a day to be reported as disappeared.

The informants who have that local communication means have arrojado that after the regrettable hallazgo, the body of the official was confined to the Semepho of the colony Francisco Ferrer Guardia in the municipality of Orizaba with the aim of carrying out the corresponding steps to then be sent to your family members.

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Where was policeman David Corona and who knew about his disappearance?

David disappeared on November 24th. Credit: Comisión Estatal de Búsqueda.

David Corona Aleluya it was a municipal police Ixtaczoquitlán in the state of Veracruz. On November 24th he was reported missing. According to the first reports, after which he ended his work, his evenings in search of him lost all kind of communication with him.

I’ll take care of it with the card sent to me Comisión Estatal de Búsqueda de Veracruz, Crown Aleyuya He was born on July 9, 1981, so he was currently 42 years old. He sadly disappeared on the 24th of November in the town hall where he worked and now, just a day after I had to know his guardian, he was haunted in life with visible signs of torture.

How did they meet the municipal police in life?

The municipal police was established throughout life in the Central Colony. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

One day after that Crown Aleluya it was reported as disappearedat 6:00 am on the morning of Saturday 25 November, the emergency telephone lines were informed of the arrival of a person living in the colony Center of the municipality Ixtaczoquitlán.

According to this report, on Calle 5, where you enter Calles 4 and 6, both municipal police and state officials and elements of the General Tax of Justice of the State of Veracruz. These authorities are responsible for confirming the location of the policy in life, stand up and carry out the corresponding recognition tasks.

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