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“They disappeared here”: primary school student dies inside a classroom to receive a joke

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A niño At only 11 years old I lost my life where I received a balaz inside the school where he studied. The violent perpetrators occurred in the community of San Isidro Miranda, in the municipality of El Marqués, Querétaro. According to medium venues, the event occurred on Tuesday 14th November, around 11:00 am, in the primary “Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla” and now there are no people detained by this campaign.

According to the testimony of family parents and students, one of the assumptions suggests that they will occur in a class room where sixth grade students meet. Apparently two older men discussed it, when one of them picked up a gun and shot it in the chest of his companion; This version was confirmed by a woman, who made sure that her son studied with the victim and the attacker, so she witnessed the murder.

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They took place in a classroom. Photo: cuartoscuro.

What happened in the primary “Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla”?

For another student who was inside the classroom at the time he said, in the middle of the place, that: “I am the balazwhen the they disparated here in the hand, or no where, I say the little one, whose name was not revealed by the authorities. Mothers and fathers of the family attended to the installations where the violent crimes occurred, but they reported that the directors did not ask them to give details about what happened.

“We didn’t say anything, until we told ourselves what the same people were talking about,” a woman confessed to the local news outlet. In the same way, other fathers asked the authorities who are implementing this operation, with the intention of ensuring that minors do not bring dangerous objects to school that they can place in their physical integrity.

Let us see the ways of the students again. Photo: cuartoscuro

Do you have any people detained?

Now, it is no longer clear that there are people detained for these violent crimes; Apparently, the assailant was older than he was, so he was unaware that the authorities arrested his fathers or looked at the child. In a short press release, the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri, assured that he has knowledge of the case, but ignores the details of the attack; the official urged the parents of the family to review the things that the children were learning in school.

“The little information I have, because they are handling the Taxes, is that they were playing with a sharp pistol, as if it were a plume, and that was the one that caused the death of the niño“, I say, show my empathy with the families of the children involved in them (…) Let’s make sure that the children go to school, stay very close to school”, I say.

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