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They detained an alleged murderer and thief in Hermosillo

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Annoying to be confronted by the alleged robo de un autoestéreoan apñaló hombre hasta the death of his supuesta víctima in the streets of Hermosillo, signaled the Fiscalía General de Justice de Sonora.

In keeping with the investigations of the dependency, Martin “N”, 37 years old, has asesinado On the 12th of September to José Antonio “N”, who claimed that he had supposedly supported an appliance.

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“José Antonio ‘N’ compared to Jesús Martín ‘N’ by the robo of a autoestéreowhich came from a later line aggression. As a result, the affected person suffered a wound and was transferred to receive medical attention at the General Hospital of the State, where he failed.

“The investigations carried out by the General Fiscalía de Justice of the State of Sonora for the investigation carpet determined the alleged responsibility of Jesús Martín ‘N’ in the asesinato of the victim, to attack him with a cuchillo in the streets of the Guayacán colony of this city”, reported the state office.

Capturan a suspected murderer

Three months after the asesinate by José Antonio “N”, the actions carried out by the state authorities were fruitful, allowing him to catch his alleged victim in the Sonoran capital.

“The item was located and secured on December 21st in Calle Olivares, right next to Bulevar Luz Valencia, in Colonia 4 de Marzo, in Hermosillo, Sonora, subsequently, it was moved to the Centro de Reinserción Social para su internamiento”, concluded the Fiscalía.

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