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They detained an alleged femicide and sexual abuser of a 14-month-old girl

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A surprise that had provoked her dead to his sister, only 14 months old, trans sexually abuse of her, he was captured by elements of her General Tax of the State of Veracruz.

The terrible crime occurred on December 31st, when the alleged perpetrator, identified as Agustin “N”44 years old, sexually abused the baby, with whom he had a blood relationship.

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“They were booked inside a domicile located in the locality Balzapotebelonging to the municipality of San Andrés Tuxtlawhen he allegedly sexually assaulted her and caused her death,” he detailed the dependency.

Acknowledged with the first indices, the little one, whose identity has been respected, was transferred to a hospitalwhence the passage of two blacks occurred in succession of the deceased weddings during the aggression.

They accuse him of feminicide and aggravated pederasty

Days after the death of the little girl, Agustín “N” was captured by agents of the General Tax of the State of Veracruzwho presented it before the Ministerio Público to determine his responsibility in the crime.

“Agustín ‘N’ was detained strictly with respect to his human rights and due process and will be placed at the disposal of the trial court and oral criminal proceedings in it Judicial District of San Andrés Tuxtlawho will define the legal situation in the next initial audience,” he concluded.

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