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They detain five alleged kidnappers, four of them are younger than one

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Five people who carry large caliber weapons and tactical and intended vests secuestrar a young man aged 22 years old was taught by her Municipal Policehe informed the annexe.

They took part in the colony Northern Divisionlocated in the delegation Sanchez Taboada of the city front, when the officers noticed that the five young men, four of the younger ones of edad, attempted to take on a man in a truck in force.

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They denounce kidnappers in Durango

Thank you for a complaint made by citizens to 911, los municipal policies they lograron look for them alleged delincuenteswith events spanning 15 to 20 years, and freeing his alleged victim.

After a brief persecution, the alleged criminals were captured by them authorsuntil there was a good exchange of shots.

Three weapons of high power were found in the cars of the alleged criminals. Photo: Policía de Tijuana

Decomisan arsenal en scene del crimen

During the detention of the five subjects, the officers of the Municipal Police of Tijuana encountered three large weapons, cargo carriers and three tactical vests inside their vehicle.

The chalecos hold secret plots for criminal groups. Photo: Policía de Tijuana

The alleged perpetrators of the kidnapping, identified as Alexis “N”, Rafael “N”, Ricardo “N”, Daniel “N” and Kevin “N”, were led before the Public Ministry to avoid responsibility for the crime.

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