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They detain a dangerous leader of the Italian mafia in France

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On the French island of Corcega, one of the most sought after people in Europe was detained, Marco Ruedanoquien pertenece a la Italian mafia and he is described as a dangerous man, this man is the jefe of a mafia group “Foggia Society” who is active in the southern area of ​​Italy, according to the authorities the arrest was recorded several years ago February 1, 2024 for the night.

With information from AFP, the detainee was caught having dinner in a restaurant with a young woman, on the mentioned island, also signaling that this individual led a modest life, also in detail that he used to false documents to prove his identity, the first Italian minister, Matteo Piantedosiit was noted that this capture was not possible without the cooperation of the forces of the French order.

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From knowledge with the Italian authorities el Ruedano’s back arm He was detained in Granada, Spain, by name Gianluigi Troianowho was arrested to collect a package in the city, his detention is God by the same group of specialized agents who captured the maximum jefe of the “Cosa Nostra”.

Trojan was encountered refugee from justice since 2021, who escaped from house arrest, received a sentence of new years and two months. He also judges the two asesinatos cometidos in 2017 right in Ruedano, both of whom are still being prosecuted for this crime.

Gianluigi Troiano was hired from 2021 | PHOTO / X@niporwifi

Who is Marco Ruedano, head of the Italian mafia detained in France?

Ruedano is the leader of a criminal group belonging to the Italian mafia Foggiaa group that Italian authorities call como “the dark mafia”, which is considered one of the most violent crimes in this country. This Italian leader escaped from high security prison, using a pair of ropes attached to scale a wall and escape inside February 2023.

When Marco Ruedano escaped from prison he experienced a punishment 24 years of prison to belong to the previously mentioned criminal group, together with drug trafficking crimes, illegal possession of weapons and other crimes. There Europol It was specified that this leader would carry the label of the promoter, organizer and ass who was despised, reported to the European authorities.

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