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They confirm the absolution of Rosario Robles by the Teacher

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A federal court confirmed the absolution of the former secretary of Social Development, Rosario Roblesfor the case of the Estafa Teacher.

Last February 24th, the game Roberto Omar Paredes I decided to cancel the trial of Robles for the crime of improper public service.

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¡Ya es abuela! Thus Rosario Robles presumed the birth of his first birth

Ramón Sosamontes, former collaborator of Rosario Robles, is involved in the trial for the “Estafa Maestra” case

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Los magistrados del Primer Tribunal Colegiado de Apelación in the City of Mexico they confirmed the resolution of the court of control that those who were accused of the former official should be sanctioned through the administrative channel and not through the criminal.

“Los agravios Vertidos por les mismas (ASF y FGR) result infundados, inatendible e inoperantes, el que conlleva conlleva confirmar en la materia de la apelación the contested judicial resolution”, indicated the tribunal.

The case still has no conclusion

At the expense of having the decision of the game validated, the Superior Auditoría de la Federación This also lasts for a period of 15 days, in which the absolution of the policy may appear.

Rosario Robles There is also a pending order of apprehension for organized and money-laundered delinquency, although it is not one that is honored by the General Tax of the Republic.

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