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They capture the alleged perpetrators of balacera in which a little girl died

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Three suggestions that might be related to a dark story during the late 11th of December San Pedro Garza GarciaNew Leon, were captured by state agents from Coahuila y la Civil Force.

Late on December 11th, armed vehicles aboard a vehicle attacked a number of people who met inside the Panteón Jardines de San Pedro Garza García. Likewise, in the cruzado fire, they hit an 8-year-old girl.

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Balacera in San Pedro: a 5 year old girl died during the cruzado

Balacera in San Pedro, New León after the deaths inside the Panteón Municipal

Time after, neo-lion authorities confirmed the death of three people resulting from this attack, which caused a large-scale political operation coordinated between local dependencies and the previous state of Coahuila.

The prosecution of the alleged perpetrators of the shooting led to the authorities as far as the municipality of Santa Catarinawhere they were accosted and secured effectively by the police agents.

They are looking for a car

According to the first investigative investigations carried out by local authorities, the movement of ataque Perpetrated in full light of the day in the cemetery would be the removal of a vehicle from the victims.

The alleged perpetrators were deprived of a car and a fire weapon. Photo: Grupo de Coordinación para la Seguridad de Nuevo León

“In a collaborative effort between the Policía de San Pedro, Civil Force y la Policía del Estado de Coahuilathe detention of 3 men who today stole an armed vehicle in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García was recorded”, detailed by the Coordination Group for Security of New Leon in a message in its account of

Until the moment the identity of the alleged responsible persons, who were led before the Ministerio Público local to determine the degree of participation in the multiple groups.

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