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They capture in Michoacán an alleged kidnapper who committed crimes in Naucalpan

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A man, allegedly linked to a kidnapping perpetrated last November 11th Brisas CityNaucalpan, was captured in a location belonging to the municipality of Maravatío, Michoacán.

Thanks for the cooperation between the tax authorities State of Mexico y MichoacanRodrigo “N” was apprehended by police elements while he was hiding in a domicile in the Michoacan entity.

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“Derived from some investigations, a movement was carried out on the road Atlacomulco-Guadalajarain the municipality of Maravatío, state of Michoacán, where Rodrigo ‘N’ was detained.

“Having been captured in this federal entity, the possible implication was transferred to the State of Mexico and placed at the disposal of the agent of Ministerio Públicowho completed the corresponding investigation for this crime”, detailed the Mexican Tax Office.

They free the kidnapped person

Thanks to this capture, we learned about the site where they held the victim of the kidnapping, who was immediately freed by Mexican authorities.

“After the arrest of the possible implication and result of the work carried out by the Mexican Tax Authority, the victim was released on the road Picacho Ajuscoin the city of Mexico, to subsequently be reinstated to his family nucleus”, reported the dependency.

In fact, the suspect was interned in the Cereso de Barrientos, in Tlalnepantlawhere you will hope for the resolution of your judicial process.

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