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They bind the trial to the person who led to a coup against his hijastro in Los Mochis

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A trick that struck on repeated occasions has not caused it dead the boy of his sentimental opinion was bound to judicial process, he informed the General Tax of Justice of Sinaloa.

De acuerdo con la dependencia, el alleged murderer, identified as Jorge “P”, had scored at the menor, only one year ago, on repeated occasions. S lesions caused by the child caused his death.

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“Jorge ‘P’ was detained in the city Los Mochiswhence personal de investigation of the Unidad Specializada en Aprehensioneshe placed it and subsequently fulfilled the order of apprehension carried out in its place against the past, which took place on the 7th of December.

“At this time, the accused arrived together with the mother of the minor until the hospital of the Cruz Roja in the port of Mazatlan with the body of the young boy, to the reviewed man I presented the signs of having been faulty”, he detailed the annexe.

Cae for two months refugee

When you felt anxious about being taken after the optional instructions that the child had dead due to the coups, Jorge “P” decided to flee to avoid the action of the justice.

“The subject, to the truth of the situation, huyó of the place leaving to his/her partner and to the child, trying to escape the justice until February 11th, which was located and held to be presented before the tribunal”, argued the Fiscalía.

The alleged murderer will hope for the resolution of the case by the local authorities officious preventive prison.

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