Home International they attack and support Román Rodrigo at the GAM CDMX football team who want to stuff them on iPhone

they attack and support Román Rodrigo at the GAM CDMX football team who want to stuff them on iPhone

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Roman Rodrigo I never imagined that I would be playing the last football match on the night of Saturday 11th November. It was later that he finished doing sports together with his friends at the installations of the Deportivo Leona Vicario, in the hothouse Gustavo A. Madero, when a person identified as Héctor “N” intercepted him to steal his belongings, while he removed a branded cell phone iPhone.

El presumed storming if encountered by going to the media of the deportation fence, there Campestre Aragón colony, when I log in to a group of young people heading to their homes. Based on local media information, she fell in love with the young sportsman and demanded the high-end telephone.

Follow the text:

The conductor died while staring at the back of a trailer and waiting for it to be plastered in the Naucalpan-Ecatepec

Natalia went up to a party and disappeared, her children met the dead in Puebla

The clock ticked at 7:00 pm when with a white gun in his hand I asked him to sign up on his cell phone. To weigh that Roman I entered them on their belongings, including them cell phonethe suit without any apparent reason claved her a ship to the height of the cuello, which caused an internal wound.

Roman died in the hospital after the attack

There are moments of tension on the streets of the demarcation, to the north of the City of Mexico, the Roman friends immediately called to their emergency bodies to receive attention. The 24-year-old boy was transferred to a hospital in the area, where he spent time fallicio.

Other friends of Roman They carried out a raid on the alleged murderer, who attempted to escape to the foot of Calle Camino Parque Central, with the victim’s belongings and with the weapon which had materialized the murder. Luckily the youngsters detuvieron it to subsequently call to the elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC).

The installations of Deportivo Leona Vicario in the GAM
Photo: Google Maps

At the site, the officials observed a man above the asphaltic belt with visible hematic defects in the butt, so that he was asked by the paramedics who diagnosed him with injury by white weapon in the neck and they took him to a hospital for medical attention, where later he was informed that he would lose his life due to the injury.

From September of this year, the heat Gustavo A. Maderohas opened 86 cases of investigation into the crime homicideread with information from the Traffic Light.

Roman families have justice

In this place, a 29 year old woman identified herself as a family member of her family and turned to the uniforms who played football at the sports facilities and upon boarding she was intercepted by a suit that, without saying anything, if he looked at them, he attacked him with a boat y huyó del sito.

As they observed the sightings, a group of old men intercepted the possibly responsible person and returned him and began to attack, before this, the uniformed men intervened, controlled the situation and they looked at the integrity of the food.

Roman family members need justice for their citizens
Photo: Google Maps

In accordance with the police implementation protocols, a preventive inspection was carried out, including a white mobile phone and a dark colored ship; for this reason, the man of 30 years of age was detained, informed of his legal rights and placed at the disposal of the agent of the Ministerio Público correspondent, who will determine the legal situation.

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