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They arrest a collaborator of the former municipal president of Toluca

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The General Tax Office of the Mexican State informed him that he was arrested AndresNo“He is at the front of the coordination of advisors of the municipal president of Toluca, RaymundoNo”, now I’m investigating if I’m accused of committing the crime of kidnapping.

The executive coordinator of the municipal government of the Mexican capital was captured and presented this Tuesday morning by the local tax authorities, who follows the open case of the mayor who is facing a judicial process for secuestro.

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Detained at the mayor of Toluca, Raymundo “N”, accused of domestic violence

Raymundo “N”: What are the crimes that are attributed to the municipal president of Toluca?

Andrés “N” was jefe de asesores of the municipal government of Toluca. Photo: X @FiscaliaEdomex

Why are the former mayor of Toluca and his advisor detained?

According to his account of The #FiscalíaEdoméx in conjunction with the @SEDENAmx and collaboration of the @FiscaliaNL , detuvieron in the state of #NewLeón to Andrés “N”, who was desempeñó as Coordinación de Asesores de Raymundo “N”, former municipal president of #Toluca”.

Asimism, the record taxation that the former municipal president of Toluca He continued to be arrested and was transferred to the Penalty of Almoloya de Juárez:

“Andrés “N” is investigated for the crime of kidnapping with extortion purposes. The current prisoner is transferred, at this moment, to the #EstadoDeMéxico to be admitted to the Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social in Almoloya de Juárez”.

Andrés “N” was arrested. Photo: X @FiscaliaEdomex

Last November 30th, the Interpol He issued a search warrant to locate Raymundo “N” when he was accused of an alleged kidnapping that he carried out against his former wife, a situation that was reported by Viridiana Rodríguez, former wife of the mayor, so that the local police brought in an operative to protect stop the accused, but he has escaped.

It wasn’t the first time that Raymundo “N” was charged by his wife, and that prior to the complaint of having been kidnapped by his father, the former municipality was now accused of intrafamily violencegiven that it seemed that they had been physically and sexually abused when they were exposed.

From the 24th of November, the FGJEM is looking for Raymundo “N” and six of its collaborators, also that a week later it investigated two more, while he was acting as director of Public Security, Aglaed Salgado de Jesus.

In the last few hours, the new administration of the Mexican capital raised new names in different areas and disappeared the Coordination of Assores in the Ayuntamiento.

With information from Gerardo García.

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