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They are moving to Texas due to the increase in migrants

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A cross frontizo de Texas vehicles were locked while on the Arizona border traffic was limited to another cross with the aim of channeling more recursos to the control of illegal entries, informed federal authorities of the United States, the most recent index of how fast changes are made there migratory routes make it difficult to regulate the regular entry of people.

There Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP by its acronym in English) announced the closing of one of the two vehicular bridges in Eagle Pass, Texasa locality of 30 million inhabitants who, during a certain time last year, lived in the corridor with more illegal crosses.

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They detained 6 alleged “pollers” in Edoméx: they took 95 migrants on 3 buses

Texas and the migration crisis

Authorities will find the center of migratory movement in Juchitán: it will be moved to Tapanatepec

The agency also reduces vehicle entry Lukeville, Arizonaa remote cross faced in the desert that has converted into an important migratory route in the last few months.

United States continues recording high levels of encounters with migrants on the South African border, driven by traffickers who propagate misinformation to protect vulnerable individuals and slow down migration.

“To the extent that we respond with additional recursos and apply the consequences for illegal entry, the migratory trends also change”, reported the CBP in a press release.

They can relocate personnel in other areas of the front

Lukeville It forms part of the Tucson sector of the Patrulla Fronteriza, which was largely the major activity in October among the new sectors that are located off the border with Mexico.

John Modlinjefe of the sector, I told the Domingo that the activity of all the social elements of the sector would be reduced temporally in response to the actual migratory increase.

“At this moment, you need all the staff available to board this oil beforehand. The team of social redes it will fly as soon as the situation allows it”, wrote Modlin on platform

Shortly afterwards they will appear on the platform to explain the message written at the beginning and promise a transparent process. The personnel files to await the trade and the legal travelers are the most recent response to the needs of processing the people who illegally cross the border, in order to ask asylum.

An important peatonal cruce en San Diego I have been looking for several weeks since September while the authorities pay more attention to the people who enter the country without permission.

Even so arrests For illegal entries they came during October and September, it was the second month with the highest number of detentions to be kept in record.

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