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They are held abroad to break the bonds of a bank branch

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An individual originating from Croatia I asked about the heart of the doors and some windows of a Banorte branch in the Obrera colony, reporting the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) via an information tarjeta.

Seemingly for an apparent reason, the subject, whose identity was so respected, caught it in shots against the crystals, which called attention to the elements of the Policia capitalina.

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“The political action took place when they were there officials of the SSC were alerted on the radio frequency by the monitors of the Command and Control Center damage to an automatic cash register, located at the crossroads of Diagonal 20 de Noviembre and Simón Bolívar streets, in the Obrera colony.

“Upon arriving at the location, the staff of the C2 Center informed the effects that they would follow in real time to a hombre who, apparently, was responsible for breaking it crystal from the door of the bank branch with a stone”, signaled the annex.

The prisoner is 48 years old. Photo: SSC-CDMX

Hold the item in the place

At the end of the campaign, the police officers lost their possession, who was 48 years old and proved to be originally from the country Balkan. Until now, don’t know what motivated him to break the videos of automatic cajero.

If you don’t know why the suitor threw the stone at the crossroads. Photo: SSC-CDMX

To reduce it, the agents of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana transferred to the prisoner before the Ministerio Público local, where investigations continue that will allow us to determine responsibility for the crime of harm in property in Ajena.

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