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These are the Metrobus stations that come to Bolo Fest 2023

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This Saturday 2 December 2023, it will be presented on the Avenida Reform el Bolo Fest 2023, a desfile navideño organized by the departmental company Liverpooleven if they are exposed to the public in a completely free way, but that will cause some problems in circulation.

In a specific way, the public transport of the City of Mexico there will be uninterrupted service on at least three lines during the organization of the festival; so that goes back precautions so you don’t have to wander on your way to the work, or to any other place you plan to visit.

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The Villa Navideña is looking for CDMX and can be visited during the holidays

Bolo Fest is free on Avenida Reforma. It’s a Christmas show. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Which Metrobus stations will be closed during the Bolo Fest 2023? Anticipate your travel to Mexico City this December 2nd

These are the signs that were on the Metrobus this December 2nd this morning:

  • Line 1: From 09:00 to 13:00 hours, there will be service from the Green Indians at Plaza de la República, and from the Insurgentes at El Caminero. The service will be suspended at the Buenavista II, Reforma and Hamburg stations.
  • Line 4: At the same time, the units of the Route Sur will take Line 3 to reach Juárez and continue on the route to San Lázaro. There is no service at the Plaza de la República, Amajac, Defensoría Pública y Vocacional 5 stations.
  • The North Route is from Pantilán/Alameda Oriente and the service at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) will be normal for all users who want to explore this route at the end of the week.
  • Line 7: From 04:30 to 13:00, the service will be from the Green Indians and Children’s Hospital; from La Villa to El Caballito and will remain close to the edge of Amajac to Campo Marte. Also, the Alameda Tacubaya-París route will be served between 05:30 and 13:00.
The Metrobús will resume all service at 1pm. Credit: Cuartoscuro

When will the Metrobus service be available on Avenida Reforma this Saturday? At this time the Bolo Fest will end

The Secretariat of Movement of the City of Mexico informed that the system of Metrobus it will restore the march of all the stations and all the routes from there 1pmPlease note that the end of this event is scheduled for this time; while you leave Lines 2, 3, 5 and 6 they will operate with normality.

Este Bolo Fest 2023 will be available starting from the Glorieta de la Diana Cazadora on the Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, and will end in the Glory of the Women who Luchan from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. At this time the circulation will also be stopped. If you have a nut as an alternative, vial it Chapultepec AvenueCampos Eliseos y Interior Circuit.

Acude with all your family at the Navideño Festival on Paseo de la Reforma. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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