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These are the 6 CDMX kettles that will freeze on Monday 27 November

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We are about to start the last week of the month November and everything seems to indicate that there will be days in which cigarettes predominate frio for them and the chilangos. So it will be at least for this Monday 27 November when the capital authorities activate the alert amarilla en seis alcaldias de la City of Mexico (CDMX). What are they? We count you.

But beforehand, it is important to record that following the information that shared the National Meteorological Service (SMN), one of the phenomena that is generating the most changes in the climate in some areas of the country is the Frío Frente number 12. So you should not take these precautions.

Following reading:

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This Monday 27th October there will be six CDMX heaters with amarilla alert. Credits: Cuartoscuro

Which heaters will tend to have lower temperatures on Monday 27th October?

De acuerdo con la Secretaría de Management Integral de Riesgos y Protección Civilthis Monday 27th of October there will be six alcaldias de la CDMX with alert amarilla You will love them at temperatures between 4º and 6º. So that you don’t forget to take care of yourself, add enough water and use cream to hydrate your skin if you live in any of the following demarcations:

  • Álvaro Obregón
  • Cuajimalpa
  • Magadalena Contreras
  • Milpa Alta
  • Tlalpan
  • Xochimilco
Álvaro Obregón and Cuajimalpa are some of the alcaldías with amarilla alert. Credits: X/@conagua_clima.

The effects of Frente Frío 12

The SMN informed that for the night of this Sunday and the morning meal, it is expected that the Frente Frío number 12 will move to the north and north of Mexico. This situation combined with the interaction of the phenomenon with a lowland canal presence in the east and certainty of the national territory as well as with the current in the subtropical chorro, will cause lluvias very punctual in the following states:

El Frente Frío 12 will cause rains in various states. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Asymism, if they predict heavy rains in the entities of Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Tabasco. Meanwhile, they keep contemplating Chubascos in the demarcations of Coahuila and New León. In other sites that expect precipitation are Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Querétaro, Mexican State, Mexican City, Tlaxcala, Guerrero, Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatán due to low water pressure and the ingress of humidity into them the Pacific Ocean.

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