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There will be 3 presidential debates for 2024, the INE details when the events will take place

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The General Council of the National Electoral Institute approves the implementation of three presidential debates in 2024, where the moderators will participate actively. In the ordinary session, there was a unanimous vote in favor of bringing to the fore the three debates in the city of Mexico and, first of all, one of them will take place in the INE installations.

The debates will take place on April 7, April 28 and May 19, 2024, all at 8:00 pm. Times and times could change, due to eventualities that could arise from part of the electoral body. The topics to be discussed will be those that are of greatest concern to citizens, such as decisions, security, economy, health, education, poverty, the environment, migration, external politics and attention to groups in vulnerable situations.

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The debate will tend to involve citizen participation

The candidates will know in advance the topics that will be discussed in each of the debates, but not the general, specific or personalized questions. Furthermore, citizen participation will be guaranteed, whether through the medium of social networks, the intervention of local councils or the participation of local public bodies.

According to the rules of the debates, the moderators will ensure that the debate is about the candidatures and their proposals and avoid accusations that negatively affect a single candidacy.

In addition to fulfilling their functions in the administration of time and ordering interventions, moderate people will tend to have an active participation in which they can act directly with the applications to request additional information, on any topic, ask in an improvised way or request that they be requested some point in particular, between others.

How long will the debates rumble in the 2024 presidential elections?
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In the end, the formats of the debates guarantee the impartiality of the moderators, so that the moderators will be able to solicit the candidates who specify their answers, as well as present provable data to contextualize a topic, always and when these are verifiable and that signal on source.

For the selection of moderators, it will be necessary to know what has proven direction in the periodical or political analysis, experience in the hosting of news programs, debate or political analysis in electronic media or the Internet; knowledge of national health issues; availability and interest and commitment to participate in skills to know the format, forum and candidates, think and cover.

On the other hand, for the interaction between the candidatures, priority will be given to equitable formats that provide the same opportunity and time to participate in the development of the debates.

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