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There were many only a mother who died now after her son’s asesinato

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It was Sunday 10th December when the news of the death of a young man affected a whole region, when it came to the fall of Arturo Vargas Rojas34 years old, who lost his life by being trampled by a man who drove while drunk and without the least precaution in the Alajuela department, Costa Rica.

The tragic event happened conmoción among those who know Arturo, they remember it like a person of great heart: “I ask for the memory of him. I always want to lift him up in my heart, because he was one of my greats amigos (…) I think she wanted to be with him”, shared a friend looking for a local television station.

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Arturo’s mother died shortly after being atrophied

The taxi driver joined his mother. PHOTO: Redes sociales

Si bien la tragedy por el atropello and subsequently the death of the young man of 34 years old who killed his family, as well as many of his friends and acquaintances, only now after another event was consternated throughout a country: it was the fall of the lady Elsy Rojas Serrano, mother of Arturo, and he died only one hour after his son.

In this case, the news spread like dust in the midst of the consternation of a whole community, San Mateo, and the disbelief of a country that witnessed the spread of the news. Kevin Zúñiga, old man friend de Arturo, declared in an interview that both Arturo and his mother were very close.

“I think she wants to be with him”, assures Arturo’s friend

Mensaje shared on Facebook about the death of Arturo. PHOTO: Special

According to Kevin Zúñiga’s declarations, both of them were so unique that it would not distract her to think that the shock of the young man’s failure ended up causing the lady’s death Elsy60 years old: “I think she wants to be with him,” he assured the outlet.

Zúñiga declared he was dismayed by this double tragedy and I assured her that it would be difficult for her to resemble her, not to turn to her friend: “Let me ask for the memory of him. I always want to lift him up in my heart, because he was one of my greats.” amigos“. He also recorded how the relationship between mother and son was: “Every day I had to have a coffee with her and every day in the evening I had to have a coffee with her.”

How did Arturo Vargas Rojas lose his life?

Arthur if you forgot how taxi driver After 8 years, the past Sunday found himself working in a normal way when tragedy struck. On that day he provided service to three clientes when in a moment of transport I had to close the trunk of the car.

The location of the accident in the Alajuela department. PHOTO: Atenas magazine

However, at this precise moment a conductor in the drunken state he approached at great speed until the point where he reached Arthur and if she hit her and her vehicle, this caused her immediate death.

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