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There is a growing international complaint from Cuban mothers to those in government pressure to have an abortion

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Consternation and reporting to the international level regarding the case is growing Lisdanya 25 year old Cuban mother, taken in her country by being a dissident of the government who is there authors They are worried about having an abortion, considering that she has reiterated that she wants to be a mother and take care of her son.

The mother of Luis Dany Rodríguez Isaac you are the one who has given an international voice to the complaint of your hija, you are the victim of all types of illnesses within the carcel where the socialist government was confined to manifest and express its ideas. You report physical, psychological and legal injuries through the things you want to avoid that happen to your child.

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In Mexico different organizations of the civil societywithin the Dales Voz and UNNA, the platform that promotes respect for the derecho to life from its beginning in the conception, they denounced the acts of intimidationmistreated and forced against Lisdany, who is embarrassed by his exposure, also detained by government authorities for selling certain food products, which the government of his country classifies as something illegal.

Hosting of part of the police, prison and gubernamental institutions

The twins Lisdany and Lidianis Rodríguez Isaac. PHOTO: Facebook

Lisdany he had tried on more than one occasion to keep a child and he didn’t forget it; It also began to crystallize that she was taken with her, so that she immediately and carefully with her possibilities and circumstances began to look after her up embarrassing. However, please know this situation instances policiales Prisoners and government officials began to host her and warn her that they should kill the baby she was carrying in the neighborhood.

I understand with the information that he published the diary “El País” about the case, Lisdany has entered a stage of pressure, constant stress and depression amenazas that you receive and the warnings that you will not be allowed to smoke on embarrassing. Both representatives of the gobierno Cubans like the police have told them that they don’t believe they can be “a good mother”, without having been detained and taken to express their opposition to the gobierno.

Report violation of Lisdany’s universal guarantees

Lisdany is clear about her desire and it is essential to convert into a mother. PHOTO: Facebook

In this respect, we have specialists in defense derechos humanosrevealed that at least there are five universal guarantees that are violated in the correct manner in this case, mainly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Summary:

  • I love life, freedom and personal safety. Nadie will be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading punishments.1
  • I believe in the freedom to form a family, and since it is the natural and fundamental element of society, I believe in the protection of society and the state.
  • I want to reach an adequate level of life; a la salud; to the bienestar; to nutrition; ya the medical assistance.
  • Motherhood and childhood have special care and assistance.
  • Derecho a una Vida Libre de Violencia.

Also in your political situation Lisdany She is clear about her desire and I feel it is indispensable to convert into a mother, so that no one can convince her of the opposite. Only in the past, the place of the visit in the prison of Guajamal, mother Barbara confessed that she felt like her amenazada and desperate, but I told you with all my heart that I am willing to defend your motherhood and life in pregnancy.

For many years Lisdany became embarrassed

I told him that after several years and what I wanted to do embarrassed: “The truth is not expected. I spent many years trying to do it and never even noticed it. Y un hijo es una blessing God, the moment doesn’t matter,” he expressed emotionally.

I reported that the doctor treating the penitentiary system began to do the “through“to cancel the life of your son or daughter, without your consent, all because you are not enough comida no medicines sufficient for the population that are among the kings, in an act that vulnera the most elemental behinds of the woman as they are, between others, on the right side libertadto the safety of your person, to form one family and have access to health and food services.

(The doctor) “worked to learn papers to do her analysis and overcome the obstacle, without talking to her”, he told his mother, who said that her daughter was desperate to work on it derecho to maternity because no one wants to convince her not to keep her son.

In a few words, anyway Lisdany there is no clarity on the situation, e.g victim of torturecruel and inhumane and degrading acts by part of the Cuban state when in any society any person is obliged to procreate in use and is free to decide on his personality, also that the protection of the person must be guaranteed sociedad y el State en su conjunto.

In Cuba the cancellation of life is being implemented by the institutions of Ministerio de Salud Pública by voluntary decision until 12 weeks of pregnancy, and until 26 due to incompatible fetal malformations. The process of giving death to the child who dies in his mother’s mouth is called “consult de regulation menstrual”.


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