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There have been 11 deaths in Salvatierra, confirmed by the Guanajuato Tax Agency: 195 shots have died

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There were 195 large-arm shots that the assassins fired at the young students who were at a party in the Exhacienda de San José del Carmen in the municipality of Salvatierra, in Guanajuato.

More than 40 hours after the purchase, the General Tax Office issued a notification regarding the registration of the purchase on Sunday 17 December.

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They identify 11 of the 12 victims of the prison in Salvatierra, Guanajuato

VIDEO: how the kids had fun during the rest before being attacked in Salvatierra

The young men were shot with .223 and 7.62 caliber weapons, following the report issued after the 10th of the night of this month.

“In this context, experts from the Criminal Investigation Agency found different indices, including those that detect 195 ballistic elements that correspond to various large-caliber weapons .223 and 7.62 of different calibres”, cites the Tax.

Also correct the number of deaths, and although it was officially confirmed that there were 12 deaths, I now confirm that there are 11, due to one misunderstanding.

They returned accompanied by another group of people carrying fire weapons and it was at this moment that they began to disappear. Credits: Cuartoscuro

“The Guanajuato Tax Office has established that in the advance of the investigation, 11 and 14 more people deprived of their lives were injured. At the beginning we informed you that there were 12 people alivethis is why an injured person entered the hospital at the same time as the injured people from the event mentioned, then it can be established that this document was not related to those mentioned above”.

35 received interviews

Follow the cargo annexe Carlos Zamarripaif they have received more than 35 entrevistas with which it is possible to establish a hypothesis of what happened.

“From the point of view of the establishment, a group of people came to the place of the coexistenceso that several of the assistants who encountered each other at the event, the footmen who retreated and before that they retreated, but later they returned accompanied by another group of people who carried firearms and it was at this moment that they began to shoot at them present, además to cause damage by fire to various motor vehicles that are found parked in the place”.

The Fiscalía does not specify the situation of the 14 assets that refer, nor the number of burned vehicles.


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