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There are three places that supposedly sell pirated gifts

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To use a brand without authorization to spend on the product, three places dedicated to the sale of gifts were closed by federal authorities in the local municipality of San Martín Texmelucan.

They were informed by the legal representatives of the brand Krispy Kreme They will report that the three establishments are using the company’s identity without authorization, which is a crime.

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The venues are located in the colony Martyrs of the 7th of January and other dos in the center of San Martín Texmelucanwhere three detentions took place and the effective withdrawal of food and money.

Three people were detained in the operations. Photo: FGR

Elements of the General Tax of the Republic they were presented in the three places, where they also carelessly rolled bags and boxes with the image of the company, also closing them in a precautionary manner.

What is the penalty for counterfeiters of gifts?

The unauthorized use of a brand or the falsification of the same are conducts that are punishable in the country, due to the fact that they affect the legal dueños of the companies that the registraron in a beginning.

Those responsible could spend six years in prison. Photo: FGR

De acuerdo con el Federal Criminal CodeIf they are found guilty, the alleged perpetrators could face penalties ranging from two to six years of prison, in addition to a fine of between mil and 100 mil UMA.

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