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The younger student learns to become an intendant and leaves him blind in Durango school

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A hombre of approximately 30 years of age I lost sight of the dark eye place of accident while working as an superintendent at the “Valentín Gómez Farias” primary school, located in the municipality of Lerdo, state of Durango. The front, where an alumnus is disappeared with a pistol compressed air.

According to reports from the local press, the man, identified as Eder Moisés García, She met working in school at 9:30am last night on November 17, when a fifth grade student, named Angel “N”, asked her to turn around, at which point she took action. pistol compressed air, impacting the listener in the izquierdo eye.

The student attacked the worker with a compressed air pistol. Illustrative photo: Pixabay

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A lesion in the cornea caused the patient to lose his sight

Staff from the educational center reacted quickly and transferred to the person clinic of the Institute of Security y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) en Gómez Palacio. The authorities received the report from the rededor at 10.40 am, and the authorities lasted a long time at the medical center to start the treatment investigation correspondent.

By checking with the local press, doctors indicated that the worker suffered a lesion en la cornea as a result of the shot with the compressed air pistol. This type of weapon, depending on factors such as power and distance, can cause considerable injuries. En tanto, no se sebe si el less than edad responsible here lower case.

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