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The young promise of football dies to unfold in a full match

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Pedro Bangaa 20 year old football player, lost his life suddenly on Sunday 31 December 2023. The first reports revealed that the sportsman was exploded while playing a match with your friends on the pitch IMarist MNE located in Luanda, the capital of the African country Angola.

Wait for the moment, if you know that the day of the party, Pedro Banga jugaba as a midfielder. However, suddenly the youngster lost control and fell into the middle of the song. In the middle of the place, before bringing the emergency elements to the place where they are, my dear friends of the footballer they tried to revive him, an action that never succeeded.

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Subsequently, the corresponding situations transported him to a hospital, but could therefore save his life. Now, one of the hypotheses regarding the cause of his death is that Pedro I had a couple of years ago paro cardiorespiratory which made him live in an immediate way.

Who was Pedro Banga, footballer who died in a match?

The player moved away from his midfield position. Credits:X.

Pedro Banga he was a young footballer of 20 years of age. Originally from Angola and it weighed on a short day, it was classified as a promise in it futbol. In the sport of the ball, the player broke away from his position as a midfielder and would be recorded for his participation in important events.

In the year 2019, Pedro homework en la Copa del Mundo de Brasil in the Sub-17 team of the Angola Futbol Academy. Asimismo, he participated in the Copa Africa and the past time was 15 games in the month Marítimo de Portugal clubreasons why his death has disconcerted various people.

They lament the failure of Pedro Banga in social circles

Here is where we need to know the fallacy of Pedro BangaDistinguished social media users complained about it and showed their excitement over the news. Through your Instagram account, the page Angoscout Talents, I expressed my sorrow at the news just in anticipation of the celebrations for the New Year.

Distinguished users of social networks complained about it and showed their enthusiasm for the news. PHOTO: Instagram

“We lose a star of our Angolan football team. Pedro Descansa en Paz, us and the Angoscout_talents family will not forget you”, read in the publication.

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