Home International The woman shot her friend until he died and confessed it over the phone; she was detained by Álvaro Obregón

The woman shot her friend until he died and confessed it over the phone; she was detained by Álvaro Obregón

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Policies of the Secretaría de Seguridadana de la Ciudad de Mexico (SSC) were required for an emergency call, where they reported that a person had lost their conscience inside a house, so they decided to go in and investigate the reasons behind the problem.

Go to your home in the Desarrollo Urbano colony El Pirúin the hothouse Álvaro Obregon, I told you that a woman possibly shot a younger woman until she got to the ground, in just a few minutes I lost my life due to the injuries caused by the coups.

A woman was arrested against another coup until it was over

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My members of the SSC were alerted to the scene of the crime. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Los miambros de la SSC they were alerted by the operators of the Centro de Comando y Control (C2) del Poniente; they will be picked up immediately at the address on the street Baja California y on cross with Federal Districtuniformed by the Banking and Industrial Policy (PBI) to toast them attentions correspondents.

These agents entered the house with authorization from the inhabitants, and only greeted one younger than 17 years in the soil with missing parts blood in the rostrum. Medical services will be delivered immediately, paramedics Civil Protection attended the emergency, but diagnosed the patient left signos vitalesas well as a traumatism Severe cranioencephalic.

Place to take part in the General Fiscalía de Justice of the City of Mexico, the appraisers They went to the area to make them investigations correspondents, have the interviews, as well transladar el body to realize examenesya the presumed person responsible for the acts before justice.

Authorities informed the woman in the scene of the crime, police were alerted by the woman

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The woman confessed the crime to her wife by telephone. Credit: Google Maps

She was a señora de 41 years I confessed that I called her mother telephone to confess to her that “después de ingest drinks alcohol with youth, comenzó to hit heruntil I lose the knowledge”, I read with the note in your official press release.

A woman of 27 years of age she was detained, they told her about her backside, and then they brought her before an agent of the Ministry Publicwho will integrate the carpet of investigation correspondent. At the crux of the data, they informed that the inmate is charged with two entrances to the Penitentiary System of the City of Mexico, for despojo y robo agravado.

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