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The Voyager 1 probe has decided to send data to Earth, do the extraterrestrials have anything like this?

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NASA I’m working to resolve a problem with one of the three computers on board the veteran ship of interest Voyager 1, called data system (FDS). The space ship, launched in 1977, receives and executes commands sent from Earth; Despite the embargo, the FDS does not communicate correctly with one of the subsystems of the probe, called the Telecommunications Unit (TMU). “As a result, no scientific or engineering data are sent to Earth.”

Furthermore, the FDS is designed to collect data from scientific instruments, as well as engineering data regarding the health and condition of the space ship. Luego combines this information into a single “package” of data that the TMU sends back to the country. The data is in the form of one and two words, or binary code. The variable combinations of the two numbers are the basis of all computer language.

Photo of Jupiter taken by Voyager. Photo: NASA.

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Why did Voyager 1 “disassemble” it?

Recently, the TMU began to transmit a repetitive pattern of one and another as it was “attacked”. After discounting other possibilities, the Voyager team determined that the source of the problem was the FDS. At the end of the week, the team attempted to reinitiate the FDS and return it to the state in which it encountered before the problem began, but the space ship did not need to be used again, informs NASA.

If analysis is necessary. Photo: NASA.

Engineers may take several weeks to develop a new plan to solve the problem. Lanzada in 1977, the spaceship and its twinVoyager 2, they are the two space ships that carry the most time in the story’s function. Finding solutions to those who are faced with the current probes involves consulting original documents with guidelines written by engineers who do not anticipate the problems that arise today.

What will happen now with Voyager 1?

As a result, it takes the crew time to understand how a new command will affect the operations of the space ship to avoid negative consequences, explains the space agency. Furthermore, the orders of the controllers of the mission in the Earth take 22.5 hours to arrive Voyager 1, which is exploring the outer regions of our solar system at more than 24,000 million kilometers of Earth. This means that the engineering team has to wait 45 hours to get a response from Voyager 1 and determine the desired result in a single command.

It is a very important probe for aerospace history. Photo: NASA.

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