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The volunteers are responsible for ‘reviving’ the war in the world, says Emory University

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An increase was recorded in Europe and the United States alarming of sarampión casesEven though it is counted for tens of thousands, the greatest since it was considered ‘derailed’ was confirmed thanks to the important advances in different vacunación days that began in the decade of the 1980s; Nonetheless, from now on I start the recovery of this illness and, after completing a university study, I have those responsible.

To be understood with an investigation carried out by the Emory University, located in AtlantaGeorgia, anti-vacunas (people who deny the need for vacancies in everyday life) ‘revived’ the sarampión virus in the XXI century, thus as a consequence of this action, the fathers do not vacunate their children and the sarampión occurs huéspedes susceptibles.

Follow the text:

Europa reports 48 million sarampión cases, what are the risks in Mexico at 4 years of the last child?

These are the symptoms of the sarampión and so they are transmitted

The anti-vacunas and the return of the sarampión

The best defense is the vacunación of babies, toddlers and teenagers Photo: Cuartoscuro

This warning is not new, as long as it is 2024 Europe is about to bring up to 50 million sarampión cases, from 2016Emory University explained that it would lower the guard against denying vacunación to babies, toddlers and teenagers by increasing the number of cases of this illness, since those without vacancies represent the majority of cases confirmed to this illness.

From among the main halls of the 18 published studios, please note that they have been described mil 416 cases of sarampión and, more than half (56.8%), there were no antecedents of vacunación against the sarampión. Of the 970 Sarampión cases with detailed vacancy data, 574 cases were not vacated to be considered eligible for vacancy and 405 (70.6%) of them held exemptions for criteria not doctors (for reasons religions or philosophical, as opposed to medical contraindications).

In their conclusions they pondered that “a substantial proportion of sarampión cases in United States in the era following the elimination was an intentional vacunación”. This visit generated a greater risk before the shock of people who were not vacant compared to people with the full list of vacancies against this illness.

Furthermore, there are records of more similar investigations published in 2017 and 2020 which point to the fact that this trip to the countryside spread the contagions of this illness. Please note that in Mexico, the last brother of the sarampión occurred in 2020.

What is the sarampión?

De acuerdo con la Panamerican Health Organization (OPS), the sarampión is a very contagious viral disease that affects all children, it is transmitted by gouts proceeding from the nariz, mouth and pharynx of infected people and presenting the following symptoms:

  • High fibers
  • Rhinorrhea (nasal flu)
  • Joint prayer (injected eyes with a lot of blood)
  • Little white leaves on the inside of the cheek

How do you fight at the sarampión in Mexico?

As you mentioned, the best defense is vacunación and the public vacunación system in Mexico applies two vacunas against the sarampión:

  • Triple Viral (SRP). Protects against sarampión, rubéola and parotitis.
  • Double Viral (SR). Protects against rain and rubéola.

Inoculated inoculants are applied at two stages of childhood girls and boys; first, between 12 and 15 months and, after, between four and six years.

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