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The Vatican accepts the approval of all the members of the same sex, but without the legitimacy of the unions

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El Pope Francisco announced, this Monday 18th December, that the Catholic priests will be able to bless you parejas of the same sex and those who find themselves in an “irregular” situation. However – through a document on one page – the pontiff warned that this action should be misinterpreted, as blessings They will not legitimize unions and will not form part of a marriage ritual.

According to what was established by Pope Francis, the blessings of the same sex or “irregulars” should not be interpreted as the sacrament of marriage; that the equals of the community LGBT+ They can receive the blessing of Catholic priests only if they have to clearly state that God “welcomes everyone”, but the Church will not legitimize marriages.

Pope Francis announced it on Monday 18th December. Photo: AFP.

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What does the Church say about marriages about sex?

According to the document, which was drawn up by the Argentine cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández – current prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Feast, this initiative has as its objective to seek people with God, since the Catholic religion should not prevent that any person, regardless of situation, is attached to religion. In this sense, the document ensures that the people of the community LGBT+ you can seek God’s help through “a simple blessing”.

However, it is important to mention that the document – which could be considered historical – states that the blessings do not legitimize love between two people of the same sex and in any case should be interpreted as the sacrament of marriage. “We do not pretend to be legitimate unless we just open our lives to God, ask Him for help to live better, and also invoke the Holy Spirit so that we can live with greater loyalty the values ​​of the Gospel”, I said Cardinal Fernandez to the average Italian The print.

With the goal of reaching out to people with God. Photo: cuartoscuro.

How soon will the couple of the same sex receive the blessing?

The medicine was announced on this Monday 18th December, so that from the next few days people of the same sex will be able to contact the religious authorities to receive the medicine blessing. Without embargo, el Pope Francisco he warned that the blessing cannot be accompanied by a civil wedding ceremony; Furthermore, people interested in receiving the blessing will not be able to solicit it with their own clothing.

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